VAERS Reporting

signs-to-report-to-vaersThis article here explains all about the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, controlled by the CDC.

This video here, narrated by Rob Schneider and featured in “Vaxxed,” will tell you everything you’d want to know about VAERS and Vaccine Court in under 5 minutes.


  • Anyone can report their own or their child’s reaction, you do not require written proof from the doctor. VAERS
  • There is no time limit. Three years? Five years? Ten years? You can still report it. However, there are limitations on suing for compensation, 2 years for death and 3 years for injury.

You should have the following information (but it will still be accepted with missing information):

  • Lot number, brand and date of the vaccine(s) that caused the reaction(s), which can be obtained by calling the office that gave the vaccine. They office assistant should be able to provide it quickly over the phone.
  • Doctors name and address
  • Your testament to the reactios (no proof is needed to be submitted, if you have missing information you can still submit)
  • You CAN submit a report even with missing information, though they will request it.

VAERS and Vaccine Events

Dr. Suzanne Humphries discusses how as a doctor she made reports to VAERS – Vaxxed Videos

VAERS reporting physicals minimal