The Immune System

Harvard-trained Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych wrote Vaccine Illusion, which discusses the pitfalls and flaws of immunology science and theories. This book is downloadable and very easy to follow.

Vaccine Immunologist:
Vaccines Given Before 1 Year of Age Only Given To Train Parents to Vaccinate (they don’t work)

Infant Immunology (video) by Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Infant Immunity by Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Development of the Immune System –
“In a baby’s first few months, her immune system is not fully developed. Fortunately, humans are protected by antibodies passed on from their mother’s placenta. Over the next several years, along with the brain and other organs, the immune system develops at a precise pace.”

At What Age Do Babies Make Their Own Antibodies? – Posted forum question with scientific answers.

Herd Immunity, Shedding and Questionable Science discusses herd immunity and natural immunity.

Why Antibody Response to Vaccine Does Not Equal Immunity
This article is heavily dependent on original scientific sources and quoted text.Herd Immunity Titers

MMR Study states live measles vaccine is good for 15 years in small Chinese province. Most of the subjects had no contact with live measles virus. “333 vaccinees came into contact with wild measles virus, and this permitted evaluation of the protective effect of the measles vaccines tested: 4 children experienced very mild clinical measles, and 329 experienced subclinical infection, including 12 who had had undetectable haemagglutination-inhibition antibodies for 9-10 years.”

Breastfeeding Mothers Pass on Antibodies (Measles)

The following chart comes from figure 11-11 of Immunology 6/e (Garland Science 2005)
antibodies in infants