Detoxing from Vaccines

Let’s jump right in, as you’re probably in a hurry to get this detox moving! I’ve scoured the web and interviewed doctors to put together this general consensus of safe detox methods. But first things first. There is some realhealthy foods truth to getting on a healthy diet and drinking lots of water (more water = more removal of toxins). And of course if you are not getting all your nutritional needs from foods, a good quality multivitamin may be necessary. This may be because your family’s diet is not as well-rounded as those pre-parenting dreams made them out to be, because of an unhealthy gut, or because you have genetic mutations that inhibit your ability to properly use the vitamins you are getting from food. But without a doubt, using cheap vitamins are harder for your body to process.

There are many foods known for their detox abilities, but I will just name a few here (more resources are located at the bottom of this article). Garlic three times a day (study here) is proven to help with heavy metal poisoning. According to Dr. David Wolfe, Silica is good for aluminum detox, just be sure you are getting enough water, potassium and B1. He writes: “one of the best ways to get silica in your system is with the horsetail herb, rye, barley, oats, wheat, and alfalfa sprouts nuts.” Cilantro added to foods is a great detox herb. While Detox Gurus like Andy Cutler and his following say no to cilantro detox supplements, others encourage it. And most experts say simply adding the spice to food is safe, especially if you have enough supportive vitamins, which you’ll read about next.


Most of us do not meet our nutritional needs through our modern diets so it’s up to you to choose between a well-rounded diet alone, individual supplements, or a multivitamin. All have their pros and cons. If you choose to go with multivitamins, the #1 Rule should be to get a quality vitamin that uses Folate (not synthetic folic acid) and Methyl B12 (not cyanocobalamin). Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kids is the chewable my kids take, and we saw major behavioral improvements when we switched to these. It’s plant-based and the company reports that the Folate comes from broccoli. Garden of Life Women’s and Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men’s are the adult versions.

Seeking Health brand uses high quality vitamins and are designed by Dr. Ben Lynch. This brand as specifically designed for those with MTHFR and other methylation-related mutations (simplified, those with slow liver detoxing). Seeking Health, however, is not organic or “naturally derived.” This article by the Organic Consumers Association talks about the difference between organic and synthetic vitamins.

An alternative to a daily multivitamin is a greens powder which some report (like myself) feeling more energy than a multivitamin. It’s a plant-based powder, so shouldn’t have any synthetic vitamins. My favorite is Amazing Grass Greens in Berry because the flavor is really good. Another great option is Garden of Life Raw Organic. This brand is also excellent and it is organic, but the old version was not very palatable and I have yet to try this new formula – so the jury is still out on flavor. Beware of those greens powders and meal replacements with added “folic acid,” or added sugar alternatives like aspartame.


We know that antibiotics destroy good gut bacteria, and can affect many areas of our health including the immune system and behavior. And, get this, vaccines contain antibiotics! Many parents indicate gut issues in their children following vaccines (especially in those children who suffer regressive autism following vaccination). The best sources of probiotics are from fermented foods such as saurkraut and kombucha, and yogurt (when tolerated). My young kids used to get Garden of Life RAW Organic Probiotic because it’s easy to dilute into a drink and it tastes sweet (ages 2 months and up). We also use NOW Foods probiotic as well (capsules). NOW is an affordable, medium-quality brand I’ve been happy with. For those of you with kids on the autism spectrum or leaky gut, I’ve heard some really amazing things regarding the probiotic strain L. Reuteri and the brand BioGaia Probiotic is strictly that strain. It’s chewable and my kids like it so much they ask for more. However, at this price they’re only getting one! We personally have no miracles to report with L. Reuteri yet, but these articles here and here discuss how it’s effective in reversing autism symptoms, and this study here shows that it can help relieve colic. For children with hear, nose and throat issues you might want to try Children’s ENT-Pro by Biotics Research. And if you or your child has serious gut dysbiosis, you will want to go with one of the best on the market, GutPro.

Omega 3’s

According to most all doctors I’ve spoken to or whose literature on detox I’ve read, filtered Omega 3 fish oil is excellent and necessary for decreasing inflammation in the body as well as brain swelling as a result of vaccines (encephalitis). Omega 3’s also decrease excessive autoimmune response to vaccines (study here). fish oilSome excellent filtered brands of fish oil that kids will enjoy are Barlean’s Mango Peach Fish Oil, Nordic Naturals – Children’s Soft Gels (these are tiny and the kids enjoy chewing them), Nordic Naturals liquid, or Baby’s DHA with dropper. For adults The Barleans Mango or the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Soft Gels are great (my 5 year old will chew the adult soft gels, so they can’t be that fishy tasting). Many believe that Cod Liver Oil is superior to any other type of fish oil. And while many swear by Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pastures (they have a large following), I personally can’t support it based on recent controversy and personal experience. Just be sure that the brand of fish oil you purchase is filtered, since fish (especially large fish like cod) are known to be polluted with mercury. Alternatively, you may choose a plant-based Omega 3 supplement.

**A note regarding infants: If your child is suffering a vaccine reaction now, or was recently vaccinated, you may choose to give Nordic Naturals liquid omega 3 with dropper and Garden of Life probiotic directly to the child, since both are approved on the package for infants.

** A note regarding breastfeeding moms: your infant already receives probiotics through your milk. You can increase probiotics, add a quality fish oil, and ensure you are taking a good quality multivitamin into your own diet and it will pass to your infant. Do NOT detox yourself while breastfeeding as this may pull toxins that are embedded in your tissues out, and pass on to your baby. It’s generally accepted that you continue to breastfeed and then if you choose to, implement your own detoxes after weaning.

Ready to Detox

Now that you have your basics down, your body (or your child’s) should be able to run a bit more smoothly and your detox pathways be a little less inhibited. You may choose some of the following options base on your needs. As a reminder, I’m not a doctor, lawyer, or scientist. I’m just an obsessive researcher.

Epsom Salt and Bentonite Clay

These options are universally regarded as safe for any age or degree of health; even infants and you can do this at any time in any amouniuWGC69O2Mt, as long as you’re not seeing any negative side effects (which is uncommon). Epsom salt baths are easy, just add one cup to a warm bathtub and get in the tub. There are other ways to use Epsom salt here. For bentonite clay, you can simply slab on a mixture of the clay and water onto the skin and wipe off once dry, just like a facial mask. For various other ways to use bentonite clay, you can click here.  Bentonite Clay can be found on Amazon or my personal favorite brand for herbs and spices, Frontier’s Bentonite Clay Powder. I found Epsom salt to be cheaper to pick up from your neighborhood store than online.

Vitamins for Support

Your quality multivitamin should cover the basics, but these can help. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and assists in your body’s detox. For detoxing you will need more vitamin C than you can get from a couple of oranges, so you may opt for Liposomal Vitamin C or a Vitamin C Powder, which can be added to juice easily. Note that some forms of Liposomal vitamins contain ethylene glycol that’s not required to be on the label, so you may choose to avoid it. Dr. Blaylock advises Vitamin C 1000mg four times a day (for adults). The book The ADHD and Autism Nutritional Handbook says ages 2-5 should get 100-250mg, 1-2x daily; age 6-10 should receive 500mg 1-2x/daily; and 11+ gets 500-1000mg 1-2x/ daily. Vitamins A and E are antioxidants, also helping in the aid of detoxing. Vitamin E is even advised in some circles before and after radiation exposure (like X-Rays). Order Alpha-Tocopherols or Mixed Tocotrienols (source, source). Zinc is “proactive against vaccine toxicity.” This video discusses how being zinc deficient causes mercury to be more toxic. Optimal Zinc Lozenge by Seeking Health is palatable to kids and adults, or you could opt for the Optimal Zinc with Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 Capsules (B6, C and Zinc work together). But if you plan to use high dose vitamin C be sure not to overdose on a combined vitamin. Vitamin D3 also assists in the body’s immune system and removing chemicals, and is often combined with Vitamin K. One combined supplement option I discovered is called VacciShield (for age 2 months and up). It’s intended to protect against vaccination side effects and promote detox, but also an excellent source of vitamins that can boost detox or support chelation (heavy metal detox). The ingredients are: Vitamins C, E, D3, Zinc, Selenium, L-Glutamine, and probiotics. (Be aware that some sensitive individuals become irritable or aggressive when taking glutamine, source).

The above supplements can be given every day, but the recommendation is starting 2 weeks before vaccination through 2 weeks after. (Note: vitamins that are water soluble will, if taken in excess, excrete out your body on its own. The vitamins that are not water-soluble are A, D, E, and K, so definitely pay attention to daily doses for those four.)

Dandelion Root and Milk Thistle

While vaccines are known to damage the liver (article here, study here), Dandelion and Milk Thistle are known to help support the liver. Dandelion root can be found in capsules or as a tea. Milk Thistle can be given in a capsule or in a dropper. The Now Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator is a capsule that has dandelion, milk thistle, vitamin C, glutathione, and some liver-assisting herbs.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that is considered very safe for all ages and degrees of health, as the active ingredients are extremely diluted. This recommendation we obtained below is general, and without considering the in-depth analysis of the personal constitution that a homeopath evaluates with a patient. We were recommended the following: Thuja 2 pellets daily for 10 days, and Silicea 2 pellets three times a day for three days. Homeopathic remedies can be found in liquid or small sugar pellets. However, Homeopaths are often trained in herbal and other remedies, as well as selecting appropriate remedies for your constitution, so seeing a trained homeopath will get you the best results. To learn more about homeopathic options, this article is a great introduction, and this blog post by a homeopath is informative as well.


Chelation is a fancy term for taking supplements that bind to heavy metals and assist in its removal from the body. Cilantro, Chlorella and Spirulina are not technically chelators because they don’t pull from the deeply embedded tissues, but they do help remove the metals. I urge a bit of caution before jumping in so you are informed first – but do not let this scare you. Chelation has given vaccine injured persons amazing results, almost every time. Some holistic dentists will give it to patients who have amalgam (mercury) fillings removed, and to begin taking them immediately. On the other hand, some specialists advise focusing on the vitamin supplements first to support the liver, and waiting three months from the time of the last mercury exposure to begin chelation. (There is no definitively and widely accepted answer to this., use your judgement and avoid using this with infants). Second, detoxing too fast can cause unwanted side effects such as headaches, so pay attention to how you feel. Fromgreens detoxing myself, I can tell you that when I detoxed too quickly I felt hungover, and the headaches felt like tiny pins stabbing my brain. Someone once asked if I could feel the mercury destroying my neurons… I thought about this, and I honestly have no idea what was happening (video of mercury destroying neurons Here). I found that for me, increasing Vitamin C cured the headaches quickly and I could continue the supplements.

In general, nearly all doctors I’ve talked to who are familiar with chelation advise chlorella as well-researched supplement (source) and the Medical Medium Anthony William encourages the use of Spirulina (sourced from Hawaii). Research your method first, pay attention to your body (or your child’s behavior), and do not ignore the vitamins listed above during a detox. This article lists benefits and suggests one way to use this kind of protocol along with a sauna (saunas can help detox through sweating it out).

Aside from the cilantro/ chlorella/ spirulina, there are those who follow another school of thought, is using Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), an antioxidant. Johns Hopkins University published an article advising Alpha Lipoic Acid be given to Autistic children with mitochondrial disorder every day, which contradicts Andy Cutler’s perspective on the matter. The Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) crowd believe that ACC is the only safe way to chelate or remove heavy metals, but that crowd leaves no room of argument. ALA is reasonably priced ($8- $15 per bottle), can be given orally or transdermally (made into a skin cream), and is a very slow detox (this alone is quoted as 1-2 years). With ACC you take tiny doses of the recommended supplements every 3- 4 hours around the clock for 72 hours (called a round) and then a break for at least 72 hours. Andy Cutler and others have written about other chelation options as well, which are best used under advisement of a doctor, such as DMPS. For more information you may want to order Cutler’s book Fight Autism and Win or join facebook groups such as Recovering Kids. One group that allows open discussio of all detox protocols is Rogue Recovery: An Open Discussion.

Whichever route you choose, you must read up on taking the essential vitamins to ensure your body can properly carry the heavy metals and toxins out, and consider other supplements for side effects such as adrenals and yeast flare-ups, which can occur during heavy metal detoxes. VacciShield is a supplement that contains the Essential 4 vitamins plus others that can help assist in detox. Groups for chelation and recovery discussion include Talk About Curing Autism (separate groups for each state) and VaxDetox.

*Chelation is not safe for infants unless under the advisement of a trained professional.
**Chelation may not be safe if you have amalgam fillings.

**There are other forms of Chelation out there, but I have yet to find others that are safe without the guidance of a medical professional.

Suggested Brands (that we use with our kids and ourselves):
Optimal Zinc Lozenge by Seeking Health
Optimal Zinc with Vitamin C And Vitamin B6 Capsules
Nordic Naturals Fish Oil liquid
Ultimate Omega Soft Gels
Active B12 Lozenge With L-5-MTHF – Seeking Health
Plant Therapy Essential Oils
Further Reading:

1.) If you are being forced to vaccinate, this one, a summary of Dr. Blaylock’s presentation, will explain what to do before, during and after vaccination to help minimize the damage. Many ask why someone would need this. Well, in custody situations, with foster children, or professional requirements may force someone into this predicament. While there are often ways around being forced to vaccinate (see here), many people are not in a position to get around these mandates.

2.)  This is a great blog from Living Whole for gentle detox options you can use on almost anyone. However, I would caution the Cilantro. If you pull the heavy metals out too quickly, more quickly than your child’s body can effectively remove, you are displacing them elsewhere in the body. There is also an adult detox article.

3.) Organic Lifestyle Magazine really did an excellent piece here, it’s very thorough including what ingredients are in the vaccines you need to detox from in the first place and a list symptoms that indicates vaccine reactions. Again, take caution considering cilantro, chlorella or spirulina. Also, there appears to be some relationship between the magazine and the company they are advising to purchase from.

4.) Regarding Caroline is one parent’s personal journey, but more specifically, this page outlines the Andy Cutler Chelation protocol (ACC). The full book which will give you everything you ever wanted to know about the protocol is available here. The great thing about ACC is that it is inexpensive, you do not require a medical provider to do it, and it’s a very slow detox, so side effects are minimal when done correctly.

5.) How to Naturally Detox from Vaccines video by reporter and scientist Mike Adams who has studied vaccine ingredients and tested vaccines.

6.) The Doctor Within has a very involved 60-day diet-based Autism Detox Protocol with supplements. I did not use the suggested recommendations in this blog as I did not focus on diet-based or food-limiting detoxes. This company sells its own products so do your research. But I wanted to include this because it’s unique, it covers all at-home detox remedies available, and even has a unique product that combines three forms of chelators: Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chlorella (both proven safe and effective, and Zeolite (contradicting information exists) and a few others. (I get nothing for including this information).

7.)  Dr. Mark Hyman has a very lengthy article that discusses everything from Wakefield to testing for mercury. If you want to seriously do your homework, read his blog How To Rid your Body of Mercury. He discusses DMSA which has been proven to work in removing mercury but can only be obtained through prescription.

8.) Dr. Josh Axe discusses Chlorella and Spirulina’s health benefits, including the removal of heavy metals. These supplements also contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, as well as Iron, Magnesium and Zinc.

9.) Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Richard Kelly: Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Autism and Mitochondrial Disease discusses a protocol to help treat patients who have suffer regressive autism and have underlying mitochondrial disorders.

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