Measles is also called Rubeola.
Rubella (aka German Measles) and Roseola are different conditions form Rubeola, though all have similar symptoms and similar rashes. See this Blog Post for more:

Measles, Rubella, Roseola or Fifths?

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(very well-cited)

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Part I: The Ineffectiveness of Measles Vaccines and Other Unintended Consequences,
Part II: The Benefits of Contracting Measles
By Viera Scheibner, MD

Breakdown of scientific studies (well-cited) that the MMR can cause autism.

Vaccination Council article which covers Atypical Measles, Only in the Vaccinated; Placentally Transmitted Immunity; Cholesterol Issues; Benefits of Natural Measles Immunity; Measles for Anti-Cancer Therapy


Vitamin A for Measles

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Case Reporting of Measles – Few Cases are Actually Reported (study)

Mothers pass on longer lasting immunity to infants if they had sustained wild measles instead of vaccination

Cause of vaccine associated measles five weeks post immunization.
British Columbia, Canada, 2013
“The incubation period of measles is typically eight to 12 days from exposure to rash onset, with a range from seven to 21 days. Public health interventions are based on this established incubation period for determining the epidemiological links between cases and for esti-mating periods of exclusion for contacts in high risk settings [5,6]. Based on our review of the literature, this report documents the first case of MMR vaccine-associated measles, 37 days post-immunisation, well beyond 21 days and the routine 30 days post-MMR immunisation period used by the Canadian adverse event following immunization (AEFI) surveillance system.”

Measles Outbreak: 70% Vaccinated

Measles found in vaccinated child

Comparison of Wild Type and Vaccine Strain Measles

Modified measles can also occur in persons with some degree of immunity, as well as in previously vaccinated persons, who get a milder form of measles. “Atypical” measles can occur in a person, who was previously vaccinated with a killed-virus vaccine used from 1963 to 1967, and who is exposed to wild-type measles. The course of atypical measles is generally longer than natural measles.
– The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century. Health and Society. MMFQ. Summer 1977 p. 421

Measles Virus from MMR Transmits from Mother Through Breastmilk

More studies on Measles shedding can be found here.

This ad is a great example of what measles admeasles really looks like, fairly mild. It looks even milder on a darker skinned child. However, if you google measles you will see obviously edited pictures that emphasize the rash). The lack of severity makes this fear-mongering ad kind of funny.