MTHFR and Vaccine Reactions

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Once you have a very basic understanding of what it is and have your genetics in-hand, I advise you watch this video, with your genetics printout and notepad in-hand. Dr. Lynch’s Video on MTHFR:

Dr. Ben Lynch, a pioneer in MTHFR science, created this website and resource that includes a forum-
This is a website that includes a forum for discussion of MTHFR

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This is a great blog with many resources on MTHFR.

MTHFR, glutathione and autism connection
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Dr. Rawlins has informative notes, lectures, links and treatments for MTHFR.
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Dr. Neil Rawlin’s most recent lecture on MTHFR. Make sure to watch part 1-4.

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Genetic testing for your newborn
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Linking HEDS, EDS and Dysautonomia to MTHFR.

Heart fixer is for anyone addressing methylation issues and explains how our sulfur issues should be addressed first.

This website can be translated to Spanish.
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Baby Food Steps. You can find some useful information about MTHFR here.

Useful information about MTHFR and Autism.
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Great information on Dr. Jones’ website.

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