Blood Brain Barrier

The Blood Brain Barrier- Nature’s Security System – The Vaccine Reaction

Genes discovered that are responsible for the Blood Brain Barrier, 2014

What is the Blood Brain Barrier?

Dr. Palevsky’s explanation starts at 53:15. Here’s the cliffs notes.

In the MMR you have: Polysorbate 80, live attenuated virus (due to formaldehyde, also in the vaccine), and sorbitol (only 3 of the many ingredients). According to the CDC schedule, you also give it alongside aluminum-containing vaccines and some mercury-containing vaccines.

1.) Sorbitol, like its sister manitol, could open up the blood brain barrier. That’s the intended use of manitol.
2.) Aluminum binds to the Polysorbate 80.
3.) Live attenuated virus attaches to the Aluminum and mercury

With an open BBB you’re looking at a heavy metal and virus cannonball into the brain.