Medical Professional Stories

– The Vienna Report has removed names to protect privacy. –

A number of stories can be found here at Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines on Facebook (main page here).

A couple in the medical field (general surgeon and a head nurse in pediatrics) explain that they did not learn anything in medical school about vaccine risks. “The pediatric nurses don’t know what’s in the vaccines, they’re not taught that either, I can guarantee you.”

Dr. Tenpenny discusses the future of vaccines, she addresses adults; adult vaccine mandates, new parents, how doctors are educated, how the illnesses used to be perceived as mild illnesses and advice for new parents. Mentions Hep B is related to GERD.

Former pro-vaccine psychiatrist talks about how the ER treated them like they were crazy. The ER doctor said that test results came up empty, but when she got his records, she discovered that they had lied to her (they didn’t tell her he was suffering from brain swelling).

Pro-Vaccine Nurse Practitioner reports how her children were vaccine injured (Vaxxed) and discusses the safety issues with Gardasil.

Former assistant to a holistic doctor that was a vaccine researcher reviews Vaxxed.

Merck Sales Rep Wouldn’t Vaccinate His Own Child. – Interview

Vaccine Development: “It didn’t click for me at the time as I didn’t have kids then, but the woman I worked for was the most corrupt scientist I ever met…didn’t get the results we want? “Oh, must have mixed up the samples, that’s ok – I’ll fix the data..” Messed up. Everyone who worked for her was pretty gob-smacked – the plebs in the lab were good people…but holy crap the people reporting the data were just criminals.”

“As a Nurse in the hospitals, I oversaw a lot of blood transfusions and when I say it is serious business, I mean it. Triple checked at every corner regarding the match, assessments every 15 mins, etc….But to hell with that when it comes to vaccines right?! Ever since I learned about the human DNA in vaccines and then seeing the reactions that a lot of children have, a lot of them fall right in with transfusion reactions. If you get a blood transfusion and have a reaction, everything is immediately stopped, Dr. called, etc….With vaccines we just say give some Tylenol and make sure you come back for the rest of your vaccines. Does that REALLY make sense to anyone?!”
“We have human DNA, human cell lines from aborted infants, and protein from human blood in 23 of our vaccines. When we need a blood transfusion, or a blood donation of some kind, what is absolutely required? A match, correct? For example, if a person with type O blood receives type A+ blood, the outcome is fatal. There are rules of science that cannot be crossed regarding DNA and blood. It is imperative to be tested when receiving any type of tissue or blood to ensure that a fatal blood or tissue type isn’t put into your body. So may I ask: How many of you or your children were given a blood test before receiving vaccinations? We all know the answer to that. It doesn’t happen. The outcome to mixing and NOT matching human blood and tissue with other humans can be virtually disastrous. Even after the protein is extracted from human blood, DNA remains.” – Todd Wilke

“I have a friend who works on the research and development team for vaccines… one on his team vaccinates…” (name removed for privacy)

“I took my son for his 4 month old checkup and a second year med student came in the room before the pediatrician. He was talking to me and examined my son. He said, “well, he will be getting a couple pinches today!” I guess he saw my face and said, “unless you don’t do shots.” I said “no, we don’t”…. The kicker… He whispered, “good, I don’t vaccinate my kids either!”

Woman tells her Practitioner about her 6-week hospitalization after the flu shot, and how MTHFR genetic mutations predisposes to vaccine reactions.

My grandpa worked for the CDC and has his Doctorate of biology & medicine, and he has specifically reiterated “no vaccines ever!!”

“I am hep B positive, have been for 27 years since I got a needle stick carrying the virus in my country when I was 1 years old. Had my baby vaginally 10 months ago. I was uninformed so I ran to the hospital to give LO hep b shot, she had one more after that, then I stopped. Have been breastfeeding. A week ago baby had her first liver panel and she is NEGATIVE. No hep B, thank god. Infectious disease doctor asked me why she was missing shots, I shortly explained and he said: As a doctor I have to get the hep B shot and boosters, the vaccine hasn’t worked for me and many colleagues because after we do titters more than 20% of us come back with no antibodies for hep B even thought we keep getting the shots.  he said, I respect your opinion.”

“A person who I know extremely well shared with me some very disturbing information. This person is a subcontractor and did some work in a medical warehouse. While on lunch break he struck up a conversation with the warehouse manager. The manager shared that they store in this warehouse medical supplies of all kinds, for other startup companies. He said in fact we are holding some vaccines for one such company. The manager pointed out about 8 pallets full of vaccines. He shared that they have been sitting there for about 3 to 5 YEARS! He said that every so often they will get an order to ship out a couple hundred boxes to third world countries. The subcontractor asked, don’t they expire or need to be in a temperature controlled environment? The manager said that the people who own them don’t care because they are going to a third world country. People need to know that we really don’t know where or how vaccines are stored or taken care of.”


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