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**NEW** 2016
Timing of infant vaccines.. and eczema
“children with delayed DTaP had less eczema and less use of eczema medication.”

Dupilumab improves the molecular signature in skin of patients with moderate-to-severe atomic dermatitis. (This is the first study that proves eczema is an autoimmune disorder.)

Eczema Contraindicated in Smallpox Vaccine
“1) No child with atopic eczema or other skin disorder should be vaccinated. 2) No child should be vaccinated if any member of his family has eczema or other skin disorder. 3) Parents of children with eczema should be notified at the onset of the disease of the danger from vaccination contact. 4) If a sibling of a child with atopic eczema is vaccinated, he must be completely separated from that child for at least 21 days.”
(Note: Eczema Vaccinium is specific to Smallpox vaccine)

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