Mattresses and Furniture

A major source of in-home pollution is furniture… this page will be an ongoing project… here are two mattress companies I or my personal friends have experience with. (I get nothing for promoting these companies).

My Green Mattress is a small company that sells organic mattresses, toppers, chemical-free wood bedframes, sheets and pillows. The twin spring beds are double-sided so they can be flipped (few companies do that). They also have latex mattresses. Free shipping. Subscribe to their facebook page to view giveaways and coupons (usually $50 or more off around holidays). They recommend their least expensive option for children, the twin spring mattress for $499 shipped. It is also one of the few coil spring mattresses on the market that can be flipped over as many companies are now making them one-sided. (Our coil mattress has lasted 3 years and counting, with no issues)

Organic Grace pillows, mattresses, toys and other options

Savvy Rest makes an exquisite mattress that comes in layers of latex so you can change the level of soft or firmness you wish in your bed, and it can also be made so one side of the bed has a different firmness than the other. When your bed begins to wear, you can replace layers instead of the entire bed.

Latex Bliss makes natural and organic mattresses. More on this soon… (ours has lasted over 4 years with no issues)