DNA and Aborted Fetal Cells

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Aborted Fetal Cell DNA in Vaccines: Theory – Regressive Autism and GI issues
“In addition to explaining the epidemic within the wider retinoic acid/estradiol model of causation, this theory leads to potential explanations for certain genetic findings in autism, autistic regression, and changing trends in autism symptomatology with regard to mental retardation, wheat allergy, and gastrointestinal problems.”

New Aborted Fetal Cell Line from China: Walvax 2

Article about the new Aborted Fetal Cell Line Walvax 2

Fetal cells (in vaccines) can contaminate healthy cells – FDA website

Peer-Reviewed Study on fetal cell contamination with retrovirus associated with autism and cancer

Sales page for aborted fetal cell line WI-38 and details of where it came from

Thinking Moms Revolution write (and reference) the fetal cell lines and the vaccines they are used for. (WI-38 included)

“Vaccines have been one of the chief public benefits of fetal tissue research. Vaccines for hepatitis A, German measles, chickenpox and rabies, for example, were developed using cell lines grown from tissue from two elective abortions, one in England and one in Sweden, that were performed in the 1960s. Fetal tissue was “absolutely critical” to the development of a potential Ebola vaccine that has shown promise, said Dr. Carrie Wolinetz, an associate director at NIH, which last year handed out $76 million for work involving fetal tissue, or 0.2 percent of the agency’s research budget.”  – PBS News

Danger of Fetal Tissue in Vaccines. Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, September 2014

The following notes were taken from this video, a presentation to the Minnesota House, by Theresa Deisher of Soundchoice PharmaceuticalsAutism change points diagnosis parental age