“However, the vaccines appear to show relatively lower efficacy and immunogenicity in some low- to middle-income countries in Africa and Asia.811 In an African study, two or three doses of Rotarix® were found to reduce the incidence of severe rotavirus gastroenteritis during the first year of life by 77% in South Africa and 49% in Malawi.8 RotaTeq® was found to have vaccine efficacies – again measured against severe rotavirus disease in the first year of life – of 64% in a multicentre trial in Ghana, Kenya and Mali9 and of 51% in a separate study based in Bangladesh and Viet Nam.10 Other live oral vaccines, such as those against polio and cholera and earlier potential rotavirus vaccines, have also shown relatively lower efficacies when tested in low-income countries.12
“rotavirus-specific antibodies and other neutralizing factors present in breast milk may diminish a breastfed infant’s immune responses to a rotavirus vaccine – by lowering the effective titre of vaccine delivered to the infant’s gut. This hypothesis was supported by the results of two recent in vitro studies…”


  • Moon SS, Wang Y, Shane AL, Nguyen T, Ray P, Dennehy P, et al., et al. Inhibitory effect of breast milk on infectivity of live oral rotavirus vaccines. Pediatr Infect Dis J 2010; 29: 919-23 pmid: 20442687.
  • Moon SS, Tate JE, Ray P, Dennehy PH, Archary D, Coutsoudis A, et al., et al. Differential profiles and inhibitory effect on rotavirus vaccines of nonantibody components in breast milk from mothers in developing and developed countries. Pediatr Infect Dis J 2013; 32: 863-70 pmid: 23584581.


Rotavirus shedding: “We conducted a survey on the presence of RotaTeq vaccine viruses in infants hospitalized with respiratory infection, and detected shedding in 17% of children (<2 years of age) who had ever received the vaccine. The latest detection was at the age of 8 months. We conclude that asymptomatic long-time shedding of RotaTeq viruses is not uncommon.”
Studies confirm Rotavirus vaccine is killed by breastmilk… ( here and here)
So a study was done to evaluate compliance mothers following recommendations to withhold breastmilk for 30 minutes before and after Rotavirus vaccine.

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