Lily was born with Moebius Syndrome (also spelled Mobius). Her diagnosis included severe hypotonia (low muscle tone) and moderate hearing loss in left ear. Half of her face is paralyzed and half of her body is significantly weaker than the other. She can’t lily1move her eyes laterally and when she was born one of her eyes rolled around but has gotten much stronger since. After her first 2 vaccine appointments she developed eczema, chronic constipation and lab-confirmed extreme overgrowth of candida (yeast). We got her off of Miralax with aloe juice in the morning and probiotics before bed. Gluten and dairy free diet as well. After her “6 month shots” at 8 months old she had a bad reaction and was then diagnosed with “P.D.D.” Pervasive developmental delay. Doctors used her rare syndrome to explain away Lily’s multiple vaccine reactions when she was an infant. Now at 5 years old, she is non-verbal, in diapers, not yet crawling or walking.

There is no “Moebius syndrome gene” however my belief is that it is a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental factors.

Many babies in Brazil, Argentina and also here in the US were born with Moebius Syndrome after the mother took a failed abortion pill called Misoprostol. A drug meant to terminate pregnancy that is only 90% effective failed but instead disrupted vascular development of the brain. I received the flu shot while pregnant and believe this could have been the reason Lily’s cranial nerves did not develop (Moebius Syndrome).

Dr. Moulden mentions Moebius syndrome in the second video (click here)

“Silent MASS ischemic strokes is how the body caused paralysis and respiratory failure from wild polio virus exposure. This is how death occurred from Smallpox. This is how swine flu vaccine caused paralysis and Guillain-Barré syndrome. This is how thalidomide caused infants to be born with no arms and legs. This is how a series of anthrax vaccines causes military veterans to give birth to children with no arms and legs 18 months after receiving the vaccine series. This is how Vioxx caused heart attack and stroke. This is how pre-natal German measles caused autism-spectrum and organ damages.

*This is how a systemic drop in maternal blood pressure, during gestation, causes Mobius syndrome (and autism-spectrum).*

This is how repeat vaccination is causing dementia. “

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