Red Flags

What are Red Flags? They are the signs, symptoms, hints, and clues that all of us here at TMR have experienced with our own children. They are the things that scream out at us from every photograph, video, and memory of our own children, before, during and after their regressions and diagnoses. They are the things that we get queasy over when a friend posts a picture on Facebook of their child with the same “sign.” – Thinking Moms Revolution, article: Keeping Track of Reactions

Speech Loss, Speech Delay
Insensitivity to Pain
Head Banging
Ear Infections
A Big Head
Lining Things Up
Visual Processing Disorder
Chronic Drooling
Red Cheeks
Allergic Shiners (dark circles under the eyes)
W Sitting and Toe Walking


Why Do Pediatricians Deny The Obvious?  How nutritional deficiencies, not vaccines, create health, by Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD

Red Flags Daily – Medical watch dog site Red Flags Daily talks with Judy in 2006 about whether pediatricians are missing nutrition problems in children.