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**BREAKING** September 2017:
Devastating Flu Vaccine-Miscarriage Study Sparks Ridiculous Spin discusses this new study, plus a list of 10 other flu vaccine studies
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DTaP during Pregnancy

TDaP during Pregnancy
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The Prenatal Flu Vaccine: Good Research, Bad Conclusions – Dr. Brian Hooker, Former CDC Scientist

Whistleblower shares numerous fetal death documents following aluminum containing vaccinations (and Rhogam which also contains aluminum)

Vaccination While Nursing

Measles Virus from MMR Transmits from Mother Through Breastmilk

Measles Virus from MMR found in 2 of 169 participants, though infants did not contract clinical illness

This is intriguing… the PPTOX Conference from 2007, supported by the CDC and WHO came to these conclusions about toxicity in utero and during early development:

“The physiological mechanism

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s involved in the development of energy and nutrient metabolism are also highly vulnerable to toxic effects of environmental chemicals.  Many environmental chemicals can alter gene expression by DNA methylation and chromatin remodeling.
Functioning of the human reproductive system is highly vulnerable to changes in the intrauterine hormonal environment. In men, increasing occurrence of testicular cancer, poor semen quality, and cryptorchidism have all been linked to developmental exposures to maternal smoking and endocrine disrupting chemicals…
The brain is particularly sensitive to toxic exposures during development, which involves a complex series of steps that must be completed in the right sequence and at the right time. Slight decrements in brain function may have serious implications for social functioning and economic activities, even in the absence of mental retardation or obvious disease.
Exposure to some immunotoxic chemicals, such as polychlorinated biphenyls and atrazine, and maternal stress may cause aberrant reactions of the immune system to foreign proteins, including vaccines.”
Translation of the last paragraph: toxins that we are regularly exposed to may cause the body to deviate from the normal responses to vaccines.

Vaccination While Pregnant

Pregnant women vaccinated with TDaP experienced spontaneous abortions, as reported by VAERS. 22 of the 163 reported spontaneous abortions (note that TDaP is recommended during the third trimester)

Pregnant Women Vaccinated against flu and A-H1N! had high rates of spontaneous abortions. There were 77.8 fetal loss reports per 1 million pregnant women vaccinated during the year two flu vaccines were recommended. There were only 6.8 fetal loss reports per 1 million pregnant women the year prior, when only one dose was recommended.

“CDC policy to vaccinate pregnant women with thimerisol-containing influenza vaccines is not supported by science. The CDC only cites two papers to support its claim that flu is more dangerous during pregnancy. Both papers failed to show the flu during pregnancy is more dangerous than any other time. CDC estimates on vaccine efficacy are not supported  by scientific literature. In anotehr study vaccinted women were 4x more likely to be hospitalized for influenza-like illness than unvaccinated pregnant women. (per Miller’s Review)
Ayoub DM, Yazbak FE. Influenza vaccination during pregnancy: a critical assessment of the recomendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, 2006 Summer; 11 (2): 41-47
Here is another synopsis of the study.