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Here, Blue Cross Blue Shield’s 2016 Physicians Performance Program pays physicians a $400 bonus per child in their practice that is fully vaccinated by age two. An analysis (with sources) from a blogger here. The link to the BCBS program for 2016 can be found here. UPDATE: The BCBS link was removed at the end of the year, you can find a backup copy here.

“Yes, Blue Cross Blue Shield pays your doctor roughly $40,000 (bonus) for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2. If your doctor manages to fully vaccinate 200 patients, that bonus jumps to $80,000. But here’s the catch: Under Blue Cross Blue Shield’s rules, pediatricians lose the whole bonus unless at least 63% of patients are fully vaccinated, and that includes the flu vaccine. So it’s not just $400 on your child’s head–it could be the whole bonus. ”