How can I help?

For a more in-depth look at how to write letters or other ways to help click here.

  • Subscribe to the LearnTheRisk Newsletter, NVIC Advocacy Portal (to stay on top of laws that affect vaccine rights in your state)
  • Use Amazon Smile so all your purchases will result in a .5% (yes half a percent) donation to your choice organization, such as NVIC. Or, use the links in this website every time you shop Amazon and 4% will be donated towards billboards and education.
  • Share website & social media posts on your social media channels
  • Fundraise for Learn the Risk billboards & other ads in your area
  • Share your Personal StoriesVaxxed goes to Disneyworld
  • Write letters to local media and online news sites (in-depth information here)
  • Organize a vaccine talk in your area
  • Download/ print Learn The Risk materials, Vaxxed media, or and distribute at events, put in local offices, post on community bulletin boards (think Trader Joes, libraries, coffee shops, community centers, natural food cafes, book stores, Whole Foods, etc)
  • Decorate your car. You can purchase some from Vaccination Liberation Army (yes, they are removable, directions included) or submit your own design to your local office supply store to make decals or large sized magnets for your car
  • Speak out at local events (Board of Supervisor, city council, PTA and school board meetings, toastmasters, local festivals and events, etc)
  • Host local events and meetings on health freedom or vaccine risk
  • Wear a T-Shirt and be a walking billboard!  Learn The Risk, Vaxxed tees and merchandise…vigil6
  • Join groups online such as Vaccine Re-Education Discussion Group or Great Mothers Questioning Vaccines to help educate other parents (and yourself)
  • Leave messages on sidewalks, driveways and streets with chalk (thanks Learn The Risk for that creative idea!)
  • Attend protests and rallies or hold one in your area (it only takes two people with signs on a street corner!)
  • Create disposable freeway banners with printer paper and put them up

 How to Win a Vaccine Debate – Levi Quackenbosss (blog)