The Inspiration for The Vienna Report

I am unsure if I would call our life-altering experience the antagonist or the inspiration for my journey in life. It has changed me and my life in so many ways that I will never fully comprehend the extent of it, and for that I am grateful and I am enraged. As every parent should be after watching a child suffer from vaccine injury. This website was created for all the parents out there trying to do what is best for our children in a world where everything seems toxic.

In my eyes, my daughter is recovered from autism, despite the varying definitions of “recovery” that floats around the internet. I’ve been told that since she has some lingering quirks that this is not recovery. Or that it’s “maintenance recovery” because without her supplements and maintaining her diet, we’d see behaviors. But she is not on the autism spectrum, she’s bright, she’s well-behaved, empathetic, plays well with others,  and she suffers no social deficits outside of what could be considered shyness or anxiety. Her SPD is very well managed. While we continue to make improvements to help her overcome these quirks, we have a pretty normal daily life now, so this is recovery to me.

If you are healing your child from vaccine injury, this section is for you…  it is in no way fully comprehensive and it’s a work in progress.

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