Director Order, a documentary about vaccine injury, can be watched here on youtube for free.

List of posts regarding military vaccine injuries here.

Stories of vaccine injury in the military here.

This video shows how they are lined up to get vaccines one-by-one, holding multi used and unused in the same hand… army-receptionVaccines and Gulf War Syndrome by Think Twice (blog)

Medic discusses how she was administering vaccines and treating soldiers with Gulf War Syndrome. Someone came in from Washington DC to tell her that one soldier’s condition was unrelated and to not talk about it. She discusses how the shots were given acronyms for shots in the records and they were not allowed to ask about allergies to vaccines.

David Faye became ill and nearly died following shots that he and his fellow Marines have no record of in their files. Interviewed a man who states thousands are injured or killed by military vaccines. Adverse reactions were never reported. – Channel 5 News

Marine Corp trainee becomes brain damaged following vaccination and is now 90% disabled, on Fox News