Having a Vaccine Reaction Right Now?

If your pediatrician or ER doctor left you empty handed after having a vaccine reaction, you’re in the majority… we can shed some light on this dim and widely misunderstood subject. Most doctors in America don’t know anything about side effects or adverse events associated with vaccines, and some will ridicule you or tell you untruths (there’s a great list of stupid things doctors have said about children’s vaccine reactions here). Your doctor’s medical school training probably consisted of about 4 hours on vaccines, which conveniently teaches nothing about reactions or ingredients (here). Usually it plays out like this. You call your doctor and they say everything is fine, it’s normal. (You’ll want to see this video about a medical assistant trained to reassure you no matter what the reaction, it’s unrelated to the vaccine.) Then your child’s fever hits 105 or your child is having a seizure so you head to the ER. Again, you are either told it’s an unrelated coincidence, or it’s normal. Or if not so severe you’re still told it’s all coincidence.rachel ross3

So let’s get this straight. You / your child’s vaccine reaction was NOT a coincidence. It absolutely IS related. You already know this, but you might also be seeking confirmation, to make sure you’re not crazy. So how do we know it’s related? You or someone that cares about your situation brought you to this page. And you can look at some of the red flags of vaccine injury and side effects. Here is an article for direction on how to keep track of and takes notes on your child’s reaction. You may need this in the future for evidence of medical exemptions, custody battles, or even the unlikely event of a bogus CPS call.

Here is what you can do if you or you child is having a vaccine reaction right now.

1.) DO NOT GIVE TYLENOL!! (Sources: article, study). If you already have given it, don’t give any more. Alternative ways to reduce a high fever can be found here.

2.) Ice the injection site and continue with cold showers (no cold showers for the very young – use your judgment for an appropriate temp).

3.) Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Folate and B12. These vitamins assist in the body’s natural detoxing, and deficiencies in some of these vitamins are linked to adverse vaccine reactions. D3 helps recovery also. You can get all of these from a quality food-based multivitamin like Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kids , Garden of Life Women’s or Garden of Life Men’s. Most cheap multivitamins (pretty much any multivitamin you can buy at Walgreens) have synthetic versions of Folate and B12 that are not easily processed by the body, so they would actually slow down your body’s processes – the opposite of what you want to achieve. Regarding Vitamin C, many doctors and nutritionists suggest Buffered Vitamin C over ascorbic acid. The product VacciShield is an excellent source for a bonus of these vitamins to boost detox. The ingredients are: Vit C, E, D3, Zinc, Selenium, L-Glutamine, and probiotics.

4.) High doses of Omega 3 Fish Oil will decrease your heightened immune system reaction – which will decrease inflammation in the body and brain following vaccination (sources: here, here,  here, here, and a list of studies on brain inflammation here). Be sure to get a brand that filters the mercury out, and has natural (not added synthetic) vitamin A. Some excellent filtered brands that are palatable for kids are Barlean’s Mango Peach Fish Oil, or Nordic Naturals – Children’s Soft Gels (these are tiny and the kids enjoy chewing them), Nordic Naturals liquid, or Baby’s DHA with dropper (2 months of age and up). For adults The Barleans Mango or the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Soft Gels are great (my 5 year old will chew the adult soft gels, so they can’t be that bad). Some professionals argue that Cod Liver Oil is superior to any other fish while others suggest Krill Oil.

5.) Probiotics. Vaccines contain antibiotics that can kill your body’s natural good bacteria. We know probiotics are linked to the gut and the immune system, so having this in balance is extremely important. Garden of Life Probiotic powder (2 months of age and up) and NOW Foods Probiotic (capsule) are two very good options. . Klaire Labs Priobiotic and  Klaire Labs (infant) are a little more pricey but has far more varying probiotic strains in them. If you or your child also has suffers from diarrhea following vaccination, it is a common sign of leaky gut and regressive autism following vaccines. You may want to add BioGaia Probiotic which is known to heal leaky gut and regressive autism symptoms. Do not delay on probiotics.

6.) Epsom Salt Baths and Bentonite Clay are generally regarded as safe, gentle detoxes for anyone. Epsom salt baths are the easiest, add one cup to a warm bathtub and get in. Other optional uses for Epsom salt baths here. For bentonite clay, you can simply slab on a mixture of the clay onto the skin and wipe off once it dries, like a facial mask. Or for various other ways to use bentonite clay, go here.  Bentonite Clay can be found on Amazon or my personal favorite brand for herbs and spices, Frontier.

7.) Avoid medicines, supplements, and foods that increase inflammation such as fried foods and cooking oils that will increase omega 6 balance (avocado or coconut oils are better options). Also avoid whey protein and mushroom extracts. Some helpful anti-inflammatory food lists here, here, and here. Foods/ supplements that may help reduce the inflammatory reaction include Curcumin (the active ingredient in Turmeric), and Quercetin. Vitamin E may also help settle down that immune response.

You will want to report your or your child’s reaction to VAERS. It takes about five minutes. You do not need any paperwork from your doctor, you simply need the date, brand names, and Lot # which very doctor or nurse must keep on record. If you do not have this, you can report and VAERS will contact you to obtain additional information. Even an office assistant should be able to pull it up and provide this information over the phone. And, don’t assume the Pediatrician or ER doctors have already reported it, they almost never do. Often, they “forget” to put in the file that the child recently had been vaccinated. We’ve even heard of doctors removing evidence or notes in the file about vaccinations. More information on VAERS is available here.


A note for breastfeeding mothers:
If you are breastfeeding, you may consume probiotics, omega 3 fish oil, and vitamins which will pass to your baby through your breastmilk. You do not need to give a breastfed baby probiotics, they are already present in your breastmilk and more may pass to your baby if  you take it yourself. Do NOT detox yourself while pregnant or breastfeeding, this will pull toxins from your body tissues and likely pass them on to your baby through your milk. It was once assumed that the placenta filtered toxins but scientists are now aware that this is not accurate.

For a full Blog Post on options for detox following vaccination: Detoxing From Vaccines.



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