Personal Stories

Hear This Well Channel on youtube contains over 260 personal videos from parents of children who regressed into autism. Note that there are hundreds of other videos that did not get categorized correctly under the channel, but can be found as well by searching “hear this well.” They also have a facebook group here.

The producers of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe spent the summer of 2016 touring the nation and recording over 3000 stories of vaccine injury, posted to their Vaxxed facebook page and on their Video Archives.

Thousands of reactions (statistics not stories) reported to VAERS in a searchable format at the NVIC Vaccine Memorial.

254 (and counting) vaccine injury stories Personal Stories

Vaccine Injury Stories on Facebook contains many posted by the persons who experienced it, some have pictures

Stop Mandatory Vaccinations has a few dozens stories collected

Triplets injured by Pneumococcal vaccine


Great Mothers Questioning Vaccine – vaccine injury stories

My Gardasil Story, a collection of Gardasil vaccine injuries

About 100 accounts of vaccine injury at Crystal Child

Sane Vaxx stories of vaccine injury with photos

Vaccine Injury Videos and Stories – Vaccine Injury Info

Vaccine Choice Canada: Personal Stories of Vaccine-Injury

Health Impact News; death, brain damage, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Autism

Vaccine Injury Stories, a Facebook group that requires a request / approval to join/ view.

A personal blog with a dozen or so stories has a couple vaccine injury stories (without photos or video)

A collection of posts of children that died following vaccinations

A blog called Journey Boost collected vaccine injury stories with photos

Vaccine injured multiple times from birth, and regression at 12 months. (Vaxxed video)

Individual Stories List:

9 year old girl paralyzed following flu shot

Baby’s heart stops beating after DTaP.iansvoice

Ian’s Voice is a webpage dedicated to an infant that died from vaccines.

This 15 year old boy and his mother recall his encephalitis (brain swelling) and behaviors that began after one year vaccinations. He recalls how sick he was with ear infections.

Teen girl’s health declines following Gardasil, news report

Matthew’s Chickenpox Vaccine. A doctor admits to this mom that the CP vaccine caused his immune system to attack his spinal cord and brain. By the time mom learned that she could sue in vaccine court, it was too late to file.

19 months old, MMR, Hep A and Flu vaccine injury. The pediatrician admitted this was vaccine damage.

This story is the regressive autism story so many parents of vaccine injured kids can relate to, with family in denial, doctors claiming there’s nothing wrong, and strangers in the grocery store just assuming you’re a bad mom as your child has a meltdown.

Teenager age 14, suffers vaccine reaction leading to REGRESSIVE AUTISM, loss of speech, and his organs started to shut down due to toxicity. Full story here.

Child hospitalized from chickenpox vaccine

Teenage boy suffers severe reaction (paralysis) after HPV vaccine, video here

A young woman’s life destroyed by Gardasil (Vaxxed video)

Couple with 5 children, twins were both injured with speech delays, tremors, autism symptoms, they showed up to the Vaxxed bus because someone stopped them in a store to tell them about it! (Vaxxed video)

Video of a teenage boy, who spiraled into autism following vaccines at a year old (3 minutes in she discusses this) (Vaxxed video)

Dying 13 year old girl self-diagnoses Gardasil vaccine injury that had doctors stumped

Infant in Vietnam dies after Hep B vaccine.

Young boy Jan suffers ischemic strokes following vaccination, part 1 and part 2 of Vaxxed videos (MMR, Hep A, DTaP, Chicken Pox, Flu and Pneu vaccine)

Mother refuses vaccines and psychotropic medications for her teen daughter, resulting in CPS stand-off.


Meningitis caused by the vaccine:
Laura meningitis from the vaccine

Mom believes vaccines caused this mysterious illness and hospitalization.

“I’m really grappling with some heavy emotions this morning. Looking at my beautiful son sleeping, and thinking of how before his MMR vaccine he was saying “uh oh, it’s empty” “momma” and “daddy.” In spite of being preterm he was developing by leaps and bounds. The night he received his MMR vaccine I was getting him ready for bed and noticed he was getting warm. Within minutes his temp skyrocketed to 104.6. My boyfriend and I rushed him to the ER. He was so hot and so s…luggish but crying uncontrollably. I was scared to death for my child’s wellbeing. At the hospital they gave him medication, sent him in for cat scans and administered pedialyte. For 6 hours straight he screamed without ceasing, only to stop when he finally passed out from exhaustion. The doctors were tight lipped except to say “oh, we see reactions like this from time to time. He’s just sensitive to the vaccine.” We were sent home. He was not the same after that night. Overnight his talking stopped, his babbling stopped. He’s now almost 3 and has yet to say ONE word since. He flaps his arms and goes “mmm…” for minutes at a time. He scored a 7 on the clinical ASD scale. He exhibits classic signs of autism. I am so ANGRY for so many reasons, and I grieve for my son and worry about his future. I KNOW something isn’t right. This isn’t the same child I knew before the MMR vaccine. My heart is breaking. I started googling “my child has ___ (insert infection doctors vaccinate for here)” on Google this morning and oh how I wish I had done it sooner. So many of these “deadly” illnesses aren’t more dangerous or long lived than a typical cold or flu. Complications for many are very rare. I feel I’ve been massively duped, and I made the wrong decision at the expense of my child’s future.”

– Melanie’s son was vaccinated on a delayed schedule, one vaccine at a time. He received the MMR after he turned one.

“My mom is a pediatric nurse and has always sung the praises of vaccines. When I told her I didn’t plan to vaccinate my babies, she was terribly concerned. She would listen to my reasoning, but she never seemed convinced. Then she saw a girl become paralyzed from the Gardasil [HPV] vaccine. …that made her start to look at where these other “sudden” ailments were coming from in other children at their clinic. She noticed how charts became filled with more and more issues after every round of vaccines. Then she accidentally grazed her thumb with an MMR needle. Her thumb became very swollen, and she was in terrible pain for almost a month. Finally, she said to me, ‘I don’t think I can do this anymore. If just grazing my finger caused this much of an issue, I cannot imagine what must be happening in the bodies of these poor children. I think you’re right about these vaccines.”

They think I am a crazy ‘Antivaxxer’ with far out views on DANGEROUS VACCINES…some of my friends and family have deleted me or stopped following or even just ignored me because I posted ‘ANTIVAXXER’ topics throughout my daughters pregnancy. I clearly failed to get the message across…Now my grandson arrived to the world beautiful and healthy Monday morning…the first thing they did within 72hours of birth is give him a shot of Hep B vaccine…A vaccine that has no place in a new baby as HepB is a sexually transmitted disease or from sharing drug needles! They made my grandson VERY sick with a useless, unnecessary vaccination, and he now is in ICU fighting for life! – Posted anonymously through Brandy Vaughan from Learn The Risk

Immunity to measles and rubella and some antibodies to mumps… never got MMR. natural-imunity-to-measle-and-rubella