Dr. Kurt reviews Polio in this article with Health Impact News

Polio Statistics:

Polio morbidity 95 percent asymptomatic

The machine below, used in hospitals around the world today to help people breath, replaced the “iron lungs” that vaccine enthusiasts often scare-monger with.

polio ventilator

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Was Polio Re-Named? – VacTruth

A very thorough list of studies pertaining to Polio can be found here at Think Twice.com. It is a very extensive list, though it does not include online links.

Polio and DDT

Daniel, J C, “The Polio Paradox, One of the Two Polio Vaccines Has Been Largely Abandoned in the US; The other is the Leading Cause of the Disease”, Science, April 1986, p 37-39.

polio vacine increased polio