Outbreaks in the Vaccinated

Transmission of mumps virus from mumps vaccinated individuals to close contacts Vaccine, 2011

Pertussis Infection in Fully Vaccinated Children in Day-Care Centers, Israel. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2000
(note that the vaccine causes asymptomatic carriers in those re-exposed but the aP vaccine itself, currently in use, does not shed. More information can be found here.)


“None of the 30 students who contracted whooping cough were not vaccinated.”
LA Countywide Outbreak of Whooping Cough – CBS News

CDC: “Nine of the cases were confirmed serologically. The outbreak involved 16 high school students, all of whom had histories of measles vaccination after 15 months of age documented in their school health records. Of the five remaining cases, four occurred in unvaccinated preschool children, two of whom were under 15 months of age, and one case occurred in a previously vaccinated college student.
This outbreak demonstrates that transmission of measles can occur within a school population with a documented immunization level of 100%. This level was validated during the outbreak investigation. Previous investigations of measles outbreaks among highly immunized populations have revealed risk factors such as improper storage or handling of vaccine, vaccine administered to children under 1 year of age, use of globulin with vaccine, and use of killed virus vaccine. However, these risk factors did not adequately explain the occurrence of this outbreak. ”

“Ultimately, she transmitted the measles to four other people, according to a recent report in Clinical Infectious Diseases that tracked symptoms in the 88 people with whom “Measles Mary” interacted while she was sick. Surprisingly, two of the secondary patients had been fully vaccinated. And although the other two had no record of receiving the vaccine, they both showed signs of previous measles exposure that should have conferred immunity. The index patient had 2 doses of measles-containing vaccine; of 88 contacts, 4 secondary patients were confirmed who had either 2 doses of measles-containing vaccine or a past positive measles IgG antibody. All patients had laboratory confirmation of measles infection ”
Measles Outbreak Traced to the Fully Vaccinated

Also see: Shedding

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