Vaccine Exemptions

Intro to Vaccine Exemptions by Attorney Alan Phillips
He also has a book: The Authoritative Guide to Vaccine Exemptions.

The National Vaccine Information Center’s state-by-state exemptions:

Alabama Kentucky North Dakota
Alaska Louisiana Ohio
Arizona Maine Oklahoma
Arkansas Maryland Oregon
California Massachusetts Pennsylvania
Colorado Michigan Rhode Island
Connecticut Minnesota South Carolina
Delaware Mississippi South Dakota
District of Columbia Missouri Tennessee
Florida Montana Texas
Georgia Nebraska Utah
Hawaii Nevada Vermont
Idaho New Hampshire Virginia
Illinois New Jersey Washington
Indiana New Mexico West Virginia
Iowa New York Wisconsin
Kansas North Carolina Wyoming

Generation Rescue Exemptions by State

About Immigration Exemptions

Military Exemptions by Attorney Alan Phillips (other types of exemptions on the page include Divorce and Custody Disputes, etc)

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) Statistics can be found hereGandhi on vaccinations

History of Vaccine Exemptions – A History of Vaccines

A legal fight against the Catholic private schools in Florida, refusing to accept religious exemptions

Senator Joel Anderson shuts down Senator Pan’s argument about the Catholic Church supporting mandatory vaccination, as he states the recommendation comes from an Advisory Board, not an authoritative person or group. Pan tries to deny aborted fetal cells in vaccines but is quickly proven wrong.

Checking Titers (natural immunity in the blood) may be an option. You can learn what titers are here, or read about obtaining them here (NVIC).

Other creative work-arounds may be found here, or here, or speak to an exemption attorney.

How to Obtain Medical Exemptions in California (I cannot vouch for the information in this article or reliability of those who wrote this but it may be informative).

Biblical Verses to Support Exemptions:

The Vatican Condemns Vaccines containing aborted fetal cells

God Does Not Support Vaccines

Rabbi Speaks Out Against Vaccines – Age of Autism

immune system

Sample Vaccine Exemption Letters: